Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor

//Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor
  • Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor

Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor

Patent products, high efficiency, easy operation, low energy consumption

Uses: Interactive turbulence tube reactor is an apparatus which is used in the trans-esterification reaction.

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Interactive turbulent tubular reactor is the patented product of our firm, is currently the only one manufacturer using this new equipment in China. The tubular reactor equipped with a special structure, greatly strengthened the mass of material, completely changed the traditional tank reactor instability problems it also has gained the uniform quality standards, significantly shortens the reaction time. Even if the feeding system stops feeding, the material still within the reactor will not affect the mass transfer, thereby improving the reaction efficiency.

The device achieves continuously production of esterification and trans-esterification and improves the level of automation of the production process; the continuous reaction can be fully realized at low temperature and pressure, high efficiency, easy installation, easy operation, low energy consumption, The reaction of control can be achieved online, and many other advantages.