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Glycerin Refining Equipment

Glycerine workshop a full set of equipment, including the section of Glycerin purification, ion exchange column, evaporation dehydration,distillation, deodorization, decolorization.

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Product Description

We supply the design of the Workshop technical: flow-chart,foundation holes figure,civil engineering design drawing; and the workshop power control equipment and the installation guide.

Description of the process

The crude glycerol will be pretreated and heated before entering the main distillation equipment. Gasified glycerol will be temperature controlld and sectionly condensed after first cooling and second cooling, the final product quality after first and second colling will be good, with glycerin content of more than 98%. The secondary steam grenerated by the first cooling process is sufficient for the use of flip and system, we do not need to add fresh steam. The third cooling process will produce sweet water, the quality is the worst and need to re-process.

System water vapor will be condesed to methanol water in forth and fifth cooling process and retruned for processing, this process will need to equip the chillers . Non-condensable gas and a small amount of methanol water vapor will be pumped into the water ring pump, water ring pump is the self-enclosed operation system, the water will be recycled after cooling, it will need regular replacement.

At this time the pump outlet of the irritating gas is systematically treated. The main production line operation cycle is continuous or maximized, no matter which kind of production should adapt to the changes in raw materials, we will ensure the production and quality to be stable.